The Song theatre Dzherela: artists

The group was created in 2004 in Kyiv. Its structure includes five young soloists (three girls and two guys), who graduated from the higher musical institutions of the country.
Olga Tokar – has graduated from Lugansk College of Culture and Arts on class of choral conducting, and also M. Dragomanova National Pedagogical University. She is the choirmaster and the Art director of the Song Theatre of “Dzherela”. Having an unsurpassed on beauty voice timbre, she is always ready to sing both a heartfelt Ukrainian lullaby, heard from mother in the childhood, and the cheerful, comic song, which is not leaving indifferent any listener.
Ukrainian artists
Andrii Popruga – has graduated from T. Shevchenko Lugansk Pedagogical University on class of vocal. He worked as a soloist of the Lugansk Regional Philharmonic Society as well as the leading soloist of L. Revutsky Academic Man’s Choir. He is the winner of the International Competition Young Guard. He is the director of the Song theatre “Dzherela”.
Inna Nikolova – has graduated from the National University of Culture and Arts on class of folk vocal. She has a rare on beauty and depth alto voice timbre. Being the ethnic Bulgarian she collects songs of the Slavic people and studies their languages.
Alla Tsarenko – has finished the studio at G. Verevka National Honoured Academic National Choir, where after finishing the studio has worked two years. Now she is a student of the third year of T. Shevchenko Kyiv National University at faculty of Ukrainian philology.
Nataliya Nikolova.

Love to the Ukrainian song, youth and beauty, energy and desire to work unite these talented people in such original group, as the Song theatre “Dzherela”, where everyone is the soloist and the carrier of the Ukrainian culture.

From the moment of creation of the group the ensemble management has looked for new ways of self-expression of the Ukrainian song, studied roots of the culture to leave the primordial melodiousness and beauty born in centuries and carefully retained through the centuries by the people’s hands.

Now the group has in its luggage the songs, which have become widely known within the Ukraine and thanks to which the Song theatre “Dzherela” repeatedly has come out the winner at the country festivals and competitions. The repertoire includes the Ukrainian songs of different regions of the country and the song of the Ukrainian authors on words of T. Shevchenko, I. Franko, as well as modern poets.