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Download Ukrainian songs and music: Ukrainian folk songs, modern songs, instrumental music, acapella. You can also download Ukrainian lullabies, carols, ritual songs.

Quote from the encyclopedia: “Ukrainian folk song is a folklore work of the Ukrainian people, which is preserved in the people’s memory and passed from mouth to mouth.”

The list of songs is presented in alphabetical order. All tracks are mp3 320 kbt. Song list last updated: August 23, 2023

Ukrainian songs

A medley of wedding folk songs (download)

Batkivska pisnya (Ukrainian pop song) (download)

Bilya topoli (military folk song) (download)

Byla zhіnka muzhyka (ukrainian folk song)

Bude vesna (military folk song) (download)

Chervona kalyna (music: B. Yanіvs’ky, words: І. Franko) (download)

Chervona strіchechka (words and music: A. Popruga)

Vesnyanka (download)

Vodogray (download)

Gei sokoly (ukrainian folk song) (download)

Kohannya moe (words and music: A. Popruga) (download)

Kolyshu vorushu (Ukrainian lullaby) (download)

Kray miy ridnyi kray (download)

Kupal’s’ka (ukrainian folk song) (download)

Kvitka dusha (download)

Laskavo prosymo (download)

Mav ya raz divchynonku (download)

Moya kraina (Written by N. Semenya, music by A. Popruga) (download)

Moya zemlya, moya lyubov (І. Karabyts’, Yu. Rybchyns’ky)

Nese Galya vodu (ukrainian folk song, remix O. Tokar) (download)

Sydzhu ya krai vikonechka (ukrainian folk song) (download)

Oy, chorna, ya sy chorna (ukrainian folk song) (download)

Oy, gop cherevychky (ukrainian folk song) (download)

Oy, gop zі smikom (download)

Oy, mamo lyublyu Grycya (Ukrainian folk song in a modern arrangement) (download)

Oy, Marichko chycheri (ukrainian folk song) (download)

Oy, na gori dva dubky (ukrainian folk song) (download)

Oy, na Ivana tay na Kupala (download)

Oy, smereko (Ukrainian pop song) (download)

Oy, spіvanochky moyi (ukrainian folk song, remix: O. Tokar)

Oy, ternitsya, ternovaya (ukrainian folk song) (download)

Oy, tumane (words by Shevchenko, music by A. Popruha) (download)

Oy u luzi chervona kalyna (ukrainian military folk song) (download)

Pakhne m’yata (V.Kryschenko, G. Tatarchenko) (download)

Pіsnya na dobro (І. Karabyts’, Yu. Rybchyns’ky) (download)

potpourri of welcome songs (download)

Potpourri of Transcarpathian folk songs (download)

Povishu kolysku (Ukrainian lullaby) (download)

Rozpryagayte khloptsі koney (ukrainian folk song)

Troyandy na peroni (Ukrainian pop song) (download)

Ty do mene ne hody (ukrainian folk song) (download)

Ty zh mene pіdmanula (ukrainian folk song) (download)

Ukraina (words and music: A. Popruga)

Ukrainian folk songs medley (download)

Ukrainian folk songs medley (modern version) (download)

Ya kozachka tvoya (N. Galkovska, M. Zbarazskyi) (download)
Download sheet music of Ukrainian folk songs for female voices, ensembles and choir.

Download ukrainian songs acapella

In Ukraine, acapella singing has a rich tradition. While the Catholic West developed complex vocal-instrumental works, the Orthodox Church did not accept the use of musical instruments in sacred music, and a cappella choral music was the only genre actively supported.

The Ukrainian people sang folk songs a cappella in their field work and everyday life. As a rule, to perform monotonous work, songs consisting of many verses (12 or more) were performed, performed slowly.
Most of the oldest song genres (such as work songs, laudatory, ritual, round dance and game songs) were choral, not solo. The performers easily adjusted the second voice to the melody, in some cases they sang in three voices.
Modern composers arrange folk songs for 4-5 voices.

Charochka moya (remix song)

Chervonaya kalynon’ka (Ukrainian folk song, remix: І. Bіdak)

Drobushechky (E. Stankovych, T. Shevchenko)

Iz syrom pyrogy (Ukrainian folk song, arr. O. Tokar) (download)

Ishlo divcha luchkamy (Ukrainian folk song) (download)

Kazala Soloha (Ukrainian folk song, arranged by O. Tokar) (download)

Kazhut’ menі lyudy susіdy (Ukrainian folk song, remix: O. Tokar)

Materyam (V. Kot, O. Bіlash , remix: O. Tokar)

Mnogaya leta (remix: O. Tokar)

Ne skhodylo vrantsі sonechko (Ukrainian folk song, remix: І. Bіdak) (download)

Oy, chyi to kіn stoit (ukrainian folk song) (download)

Oy, kudy zh vy golubochky (Ukrainian ritual song) (download)

Oy, letіly leleky (words and music: L. Yarova, remix: O. Tokar)

Oy, lyuli, lyuli, moya dytyna (words by T. Shevchenko, music M. Zbaratskyi) (download)

Oy, na gori snig bilenkyi (download)

Pіsnya pro matir (B. Oliynyk, I. Poklad) (download)

Sontse nizen’ko (song of Don Cossacks, remix: O. Tokar)

Tuman yarom (Ukrainian folk song, remix: O. Tokar) (download)

Vysoka verba (Ukrainian folk song, remix: І. Bіdak)

Yak by ya mala kryla orlyni (ukrainian folk song, remix O. Tokar) (download)

Yak ya sy zaspivam (folk song, acapella) (download)

Za bayrakom bayrak (words by T. Shevchenko, arr. O. Tokar) (download)

Download ukrainian songs


Christmas carol and New Year’s songs:

Nebo і zemlya (shchedrіvka) (download)

Tikha nіch (words: Jozef Mor, music: Franc Grubber, remix: O. Tokar) (download)

Dobriy vechіr pane gospodaryu (kolyadka)

Nova radіst’ stala (kolyadka) (download)

Oy, yasna krasna (shchedrіvka)

Shchedryk (folk words, music: M. Leontovych) (download)

U nadii Bozha Maty (folk words, music: M. Leontovych) (download)

Bud’te zdorovі (shchedrіvka)

“Oh green rye, green” is a Ukrainian folk, ritual and table song. To this song, guests were always greeted sincerely, with a loaf of bread.

The best Ukrainian folk songs will be played for you: happy and sad, wedding and ceremonial, modern and folklore.