Ukrainian songs – the song theatre «Dzherela»

The Song theatre “Dzherela” is a Ukrainian music band. It is well known not only in Ukraine and CIS states, but also in Europe. The band has in its repertoire Ukrainian folk songs, cover versions of popular hits, many fascinating concert programs, as well as dynamic shows for corporate events.

The Song theatre “Dzherela” is a Ukrainian concert band. We sing not just perfectly – we sing in a different manner.
On their account are hundreds of concerts and performances. The repertoire accounts dozens of interesting compositions.

The band has about eleven sets of stage outfits, among which are several Ukrainian national outfits, pop costumes, costumes for New Year and national folk holidays.

You can visit one of our band performances in Kiev:


The Song theatre “Dzherela” performs cheerful Ukrainian songs – inspiring and dynamic songs, cover versions of foreign and Russian hits 80th and 90th, as well as Ukrainian acapella songs in jazz cover.

Ukrainian music and songs

The band repertoire accounts over two dozens of Ukrainian songs: modern cover versions, traditional performances and jazz acapella.


You will enjoy a dynamic concert program, beautiful jazz acapella songs, new unusual cover versions of popular foreign hits.

On the concert you will enjoy listening to melodic folk voices, hearty Ukrainian jokes; you will be overwhelmed by lively dances and costume show.

We will also show you extraordinary musical and eccentric performances:


While the Song theatre “Dzherela” is a Ukrainian band, and many Ukrainian songs are inspired by native spirit, corporate events and weddings in the Ukrainian style is one of their trends.

The Song theatre “Dzherela” can participate in concert as well as in corporate event, offering modern cover versions of dynamic Ukrainian songs, Ukrainian music, world hits and jazz songs acapella.

Band performances on corporate events

Corporate events can be organized in various formats while our wide repertoire and costumes (pop, retro, folk, Ukrainian etc.) cover wide range of themes and due to our creative artistic approach your event will be organized and held on a high level.


The Song theatre “Dzherela” is well known in Ukraine and far beyond (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Poland, Israel) as a band, performing foreign and Soviet hits 80th in an unusual manner. Modern cover versions of Ukrainian folk songs is the main part of their repertoire.

Speaking about our advantages:

– a concert program includes a great number of various songs; among them are Ukrainian folk songs, foreign hits, pop and art songs. All the songs are exciting dynamic and of high quality. The band has a great experience in holding and participating in various events, such as: corporate events, companies and organization anniversary celebrations.

– the band actively interacts with the guests organizing various activities in Ukrainian folk themes. The MC in the character of Solokha holds thrilling colorful competitions and entertainments, especially interesting for foreign guests;

You will enjoy a bright songs- and theatrical show on the stage (in a restaurant, a banquet hall, the Concert Hall “Ukraine”, “Luzhniki”), in which any guest is free and welcome to participate.

Concert organization issues:

Group manager
The Song theatre “Dzherela”:


Andrew Popruga
Ukraine, Kyiv city

+38 (066) 28-32-611