The Song theatre Dzherela: artists

Dzherela Song Theater is a Ukrainian music group. The ensemble’s repertoire includes Ukrainian folk songs, jazz acapella, cover versions of famous hits. The group consists of five artists.


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Andrii Popruga – has graduated from T. Shevchenko Lugansk Pedagogical University on class of vocal. He worked as a soloist of the Lugansk Regional Philharmonic Society as well as the leading soloist of L. Revutsky Academic Man’s Choir. He is the winner of the International Competition Young Guard. He is the director of the Song theatre “Dzherela”.

Андрей Попруга     Андрей Попруга

Olga Tokar – has graduated from Lugansk College of Culture and Arts on class of choral conducting, and also M. Dragomanova National Pedagogical University. She is the choirmaster and the Art director of the Song Theatre of “Dzherela”. Having an unsurpassed on beauty voice timbre, she is always ready to sing both a heartfelt Ukrainian lullaby, heard from mother in the childhood, and the cheerful, comic song, which is not leaving indifferent any listener.

Ольга Токарь      Ольга Токарь

Kateryna Muzipova – graduated from the National University of Culture and Arts with a degree in folk singing.
Many people love Catherine’s voice for the rich overtones of the lower vocal range. In particular, in the work “Starfall” warm, low notes of her contralto always find emotional responses in the hearts of listeners.

She is also fond of dancing and choreography.

Kateryna repeatedly sang solo with the Dzherela Song Theater at the country’s music festivals, and her singing always brought every word to the listener, revealing all the inner beauty of the song.

Катерина Музипова      Катерина Музипова

Yulia Romanenko was born and took her first steps in the city of Zaporizhia. Since childhood she was a soloist of amateur choirs and ensembles. She also loved to dance and in parallel with music engaged in choreographic circles.
She graduated from art school with honors.
Then she continued her studies in Kyiv. She studied folk singing in the class of People’s Artist Pavlyuchenko PG
She graduated from Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Winner of competitions and festivals in 2006-2014.

Юлия Романенко     Юлия Романенко